PDF Advances in Solid State Lasers Development and Applications

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Advances in new two-dimensional materials and their application in solid-state lasers

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Solid-State Lasers: Steady Progress Through the Decades

COM Sample Pages. Add to cart. Book Description. Table of Contents. Terms of Use. Email or Username. Forgot username? Forgot password? Keep me signed in. Graphene mode-locked Cr: ZnS laser with 41 fs pulse duration [J].

1st Edition

Express, , 22 5 : — Graphene mode-locked Cr: ZnS chirped-pulse oscillator [J]. Express, , 22 6 : — Sapphire-based graphene saturable absorber for long-time working femtosecond lasers [J].

Direct growth of graphene on quartz substrate as saturable absorber for femtosecond solid-state laser [J]. Laser Phys. Wavelength versatile graphene gold film saturable absorber mirror for ultra-broadband mode-locking of bulk lasers [J]. Express, , 38 20 : 42— Optik, , 19 : — Diode-end-pumped, passively Q -switched, dual-wavelength, Nd:YAG crystal laser with monolayer graphene as saturable absorber operating at and nm [J].

How Lasers Work - Laser Micromachining - Lasers in Industry - Picosecond Lasers - Ultrafast Lasers

Sci, , 6 5 : Express, , 24 18 : — Optik, , 2 : — Generation of subfs pulses from a graphene mode-locked laser [J]. Express, , 25 3 : — Colloquium: topological insulators [J]. Spin-filtered edge states with an electrically tunable gap in a two-dimensional topological crystalline insulator [J]. Topological insulator as an optical modulator for pulsed solid-state lasers [J]. Laser Photonics Rev.

Solid-state Lasers

Express, , 23 6 : — Ultrasensitive nonlinear absorption response of large-size topological insulator and application in low-threshold bulk pulsed lasers [J]. High-pulse-energy topological insulator Bi 2 Te 3 -based passive Q -switched solid-state laser [J]. Influence of quantum confinement on the electronic structure of the transition metal sulfide TS 2 [J]. B, , 83 24 : Ultrafast saturable absorption of two-dimensional MoS 2 nanosheets [J].

Nano, , 7 10 : — Express, , 23 20 : — Express, , 22 23 : — Yb: YAG thin disk laser passively Q -switched by a hydro-thermal grown molybdenum disulfide saturable absorber [J]. Nanosecond-pulsed, dual-wavelength, passively Q -switched ytterbium-doped bulk laser based on few-layer MoS 2 saturable absorber [J].

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Comparison of MoS 2 nanosheets and hierarchical nanospheres in the application of pulsed solid-state lasers [J].