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Since the key and the castle are the same color, this communicates a strong clue that the key must unlock the castle. If the player grabs the key and opens the castle, very likely they will enter inside, where they will find the Sword. The player may drop the Key by pressing the button, but more likely will run to the Sword and pick it up, and in so doing discover that picking up one item drops an already-held item. Either way, the player learns an important aspect of the core mechanic of the game, carrying an item.

This rewards the player for exploring, and for solving a simple puzzle with one of the objects found in the Adventure world. Without the sword, either encounter forces the player to run away, or be eaten — unless the player is carrying the Gold Key, in which case the Yellow dragon will flee from him. Whichever is the case, something unique and different happens — thus demonstrating to the player that the inventory of items found in the game each change the game in distinct ways.

This is enough to encourage the player to experiment with each item they find in the game, in order to discover all the possibilities. But some of the most interesting special item properties in the game are introduced right away. If the player has the sword, what happens will depend on the difficulty switch position, and the orientation that the sword is held.

If the right difficulty switch is set to A, dragons will flee from the Sword. If set to B, the dragons attack the player fearlessly. If the player is positioned such that the sword is between him and the dragon, the outcome is almost certain victory for the player as the charging dragon runs straight into the sword and dies.

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Thus, the game teaches the player how to kill dragons in a basic, direct way. Otherwise, the combat can get exciting, as the player must dodge and move to touch the dragon with the Sword. In other variations, roaming dragons can and will often randomly encounter the player, coming at him from any angle, and this is good practice for such situations. Again, the game design subtly hints the player toward the more exciting combat — the Sword sprite is always positioned with the hilt to the left, blade to the right.

Despite the fact that the player can pick up the Sword or any of the items from any direction, most new players will instinctively grab the sword by the hilt-end, which will put the player in front of the sword when they encounter either dragon, making for a more challenging and more interesting combat.

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If the right Difficulty switch is set to A, dragons flee from the Sword. Otherwise, they will directly charge the player. If the player is carrying the sword on the side the dragon approaches from, the combat is usually over quickly, as the dragon impales itself on the sword, and is slain.

But if the dragon flees, the player will have a much harder time slaying it — it will take a bit of luck for the player to enter the room positioned in such a way to have a chance at reaching the dragon with the Sword before it runs away. One tactic that is effective is to walk near the edge of the screen, such that the Sword is actually off the edge of the screen, then wait for the dragon to approach near, and then attack. If the player encounters the Green dragon, they will find the Black Key, which the dragon guards.

The dragon guards the key, which is positioned on the left side of the screen, so will always charge the player from the left when the player enters the room from the top of the screen. If the player runs away, the Green dragon will not give chase, as it is programmed to guard the black key, and will stay on the same screen as the key. This gives the player the ability to flee and return to the room repeatedly, and try several approaches to dealing with the dragon.

If the player encounters the Yellow dragon first, the dragon will chase the player from screen to screen, as the dragon does not have an item to guard. But if the player happens to be carrying the Gold Key, this will scare the Yellow dragon off. If the player has entered the castle and grabbed the Sword, the Yellow dragon will approach the player at a slow, deliberate pace, and attempt to eat the Player. Thus, the player will learn a how the dragon moves and attacks, b that the dragon is temporarily invincible while it in its bite attack mode, but also temporarily fixed in place, and c that the dragon is dispatched by the Sword by touching it.

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If the player is grabbing the sword from its right side, he may slay the dragon directly, without triggering its attack; in this way the player discovers that the sword is lethal regardless of its orientation. This is perhaps surprising, but it is highly useful knowledge once discovered, as the player may run around the sword while carrying another object, and lure a pursuing dragon to run into the sword, killing itself.

Once both dragons are dead, the game is easily winnable. The player simply has to take the Black Key to the Black Castle, unlock it, retrieve the Chalice, and bring it back to the Gold Castle, and the game is over. In order to do that, however, the player must first solve the blue labyrinth.

The labyrinth is illogical — it is comprised of 6 screens of interlocking passages which cannot be mapped onto a Euclidean plane. When you try, certain pathways overlap others, creating a bizarre, confusing maze. There are several pathways through the labyrinth, but only one will take you to the Black Castle; the rest all reach dead ends.

In the first room of the Blue Labyrinth, there are four branching paths: left is the true path through the Labyrinth; right is the secret Bridge shortcut, and the middle two paths loop around to connect to each other, returning the player to the start of the maze. This again shows good design, by demonstrating to the player a how the Bridge functions, and b a reward that shows how the Bridge can provide an advantage to the Player, thus demonstrating its value.

If the player has yet to encounter the black key, their previous experience with the Gold Castle will have taught them that this Castle must also have a Key that will open its gate, found somewhere. Upon unlocking the Black Castle, the Player enters into a room where they discover the Magnet. The Player may pick up the Magnet and interact with it, dragging it around as it slowly attracts the key to follow it about the room. This invites the Player to see what else the Magnet will attract. It works on all the other items in the game, but not the dragons or the Bat.

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From here, all they need to do is bring it back to the Gold Castle, and they win the game. Otherwise, the purpose and use of the Chalice is mysterious. The Chalice is unlike the other items in the game, in that its color flashes and shimmers. Since it flashes a golden color, that may be enough of a clue to the player that they should bring it to the Gold Castle, as they did with the Gold Key. Once the player knows what to do, they can complete Game 1 in a minute or less. The tightness and self-teaching design of Game 1 of Adventure is nothing short of impressive.

Considering how early this game came out in the life of the system, the degree of refinement present in the level design is amazing. As obvious and intuitive as the placement of the objects and dragons is, we must recognize that these were the result of deliberate design choices, and that any other arrangement would have made the introductory level of the game less inviting, less intuitive, and less fun.

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Game Variations 2 and 3 introduce the player to a larger world, with a third castle White , and two Catacombs in the Black Castle, and en route to the White Castle. The White Castle itself adds another Maze, and in total the world has about doubled in size. Game 2 is the canonical full Adventure experience. You have to visit every castle and use every item in order to complete the quest. This game introduces the Bat, which appears on the start screen, and swipes the Sword which appears where the Gold Key was in Game 1.

Living Worlds of Action and Adventure, Part 1: The Atari Adventure

It will get there just barely ahead of you no matter how fast you can get there. As the first action-adventure video game [44] and first console fantasy game , [16] Adventure established its namesake genre on video game consoles. A sequel to Adventure was first announced in early The planned sequel eventually evolved into the Swordquest series of games. In , AtariAge released a self-published sequel called Adventure II for the Atari , which is heavily inspired by the original; its name is used with permission from Atari Interactive.

In both the novel and film versions of Ready Player One , the Easter egg in Adventure is prominently mentioned as the inspiration for a contest to find an Easter egg hidden in the fictional virtual reality game OASIS, and finding the secret room within Adventure is a core plot element within both versions, with footage from the game specifically the Easter egg incorporated into the film version.

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Psychology Press. Warren Robinett began work on Adventure in , which, according to him, gives some validity to the copyright date of found on the Atari cartridge and manual for Adventure. But the actual code was finished and turned over to Atari in June of , making the actual year of release.

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