PDF Engaging Men in the Fight against Gender Violence: Case Studies from Africa

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Velzeboer, M. Violence against women: the health sector responds. Clinical management of rape survivors: developing protocols for use with refugees and internally displaced persons. Responding to intimate partner violence and sexual violence against women: Clinical and policy guidelines for DV and sexual violence. Responding to the psychosocial and mental health needs of sexual violence survivors in conflict-affected settings: A Summary Report. Research Barker, G.

Engaging Men in the Fight against Gender Violence: Case Studies from Africa

Engaging men and boys in changing gender-based inequity in health: Evidence from programme interventions. Geneva: WHO. Clinical Care for Sexual Assault Survivors : Health care workers often lack the skills and experience to provide optimal care to survivors of sexual assault. The goal of this tool is to improve the clinical care of sexual assault survivors in low resource settings by demonstrating compassionate, competent, and confidential care in keeping with international standards. It is intended for use in the training of all staff in health clinics clinicians and non-clinicians that interact with sexual assault survivors.

The ToolKit, designed to strengthen our global response and preparedness, includes ready-to-use tools and templates, as well as guidelines and examples of best practice. Global Protection Cluster July The Coordination Handbook is a quick reference tool that provides practical guidance on leadership roles, key responsibilities and specific actions to be taken when establishing and maintaining a GBV coordination mechanism in a humanitarian setting conflict, post-conflict and natural disaster.

The primary purpose of these guidelines is to enable communities, governments, and humanitarian organizations to establish and coordinate a set of minimum multi-sectoral interventions to prevent and respond to sexual violence during the early phase of an emergency. The Guidelines specifically detail minimum interventions for prevention and response to sexual violence to be undertaken in the early stages of an emergency.

Neglect of Men in HIV Prevention and Treatment Campaigns

Pincha, C. RHRC Gender Based Violence Tools Manual. This manual is a result of the three-year global Gender-based Violence Initiative that aimed at improving international and local capacity to address GBV in refugee, internally displaced, and post-conflict settings. The manual provides tools for assessment, program design, and program monitoring and evaluation according to a multi-sectoral model of GBV programming. It is intended to be used by humanitarian professionals committed to GBV prevention and response. This page provides useful tools, fact sheets, and links to training for providers of clinical and social services in emergencies.

The goal of this course is to improve the knowledge of program managers to better address the issue of gender-based violence in humanitarian emergencies. Violence against Women and Girls in Humanitarian Emergencies. Integrated Regional Information Networks. Laframboise, N. Spangaro, J. Zwi, C. Adogu, G.

Ranmuthugala, G. Davies, and L. Steinacker A Systematic Review. Evidence brief: What works to prevent and respond to violence against women and girls in conflict and humanitarian settings? The Sphere Project: Humanitarian charter and minimum standards in humanitarian response. Ward, Jeanne The Reproductive Health for Refugees Consortium.

GBV Programming Docs

Is focused broadly on what works to prevent violence against women and girls. It will conduct research, evaluations of existing interventions, and support innovation in programming through a dedicated grants scheme. A research agenda for sexual violence in humanitarian, conflict and post-conflict settings Executive Summary. WHO ethical and safety recommendations for researching, documenting and monitoring sexual violence in emergencies.

Geneva: WHO Press. Preventing violence and reducing its impact: How development agencies can help.

Gender, Health and Change in South Africa

Variation in Sexual Violence in War. Callan, M. Dinnen, S. Justice for the Poor Research Report. World Bank.

Case study: fair pay for domestic work in Nicaragua

Chiongson, R. A et al. Handbook for Legislation on Violence against Women. Provides stakeholders with detailed guidance to support the adoption and effective implementation of legislation, which prevents violence against women, punishes perpetrators, and ensures the rights of survivors everywhere.

Duban, E. Feder, L. Court-mandated interventions for individuals convicted of domestic violence. Campbell Systematic Reviews, 12, Moser, C. World Development, 34 1 , Mukasa, S. Rainero, L. Reuland, M, Morabito, M. Protecting civilians against sexual and gender-based violence in Eastern Chad. Norwegian Institute of International Affairs. Srinivasan, A. New Voices Series 9. Worden, A. US Department of Justice. Washington, DC. Justice For the Poor Briefing Note 6 2.

Research Bennett, L. Effectiveness of hotline, advocacy, counseling, and shelter services for victims of domestic violence a statewide evaluation. Journal of Interpersonal Violence, 19 7 , A CDC supported toolkit that provides facts, ideas, strategies, and resources for the prevention of sexual violence, primarily within the university context.

Its mission is to prepare students and teachers to interrupt violence in its less destructive stages. Common Sense Media Cyberbullying Toolkit. Available in English, Spanish, French, Arabic, and Russian, this set of three manuals is designed for teachers, students, and volunteer community counselors. Ecole de la Paix This program in the DRC focuses on reconciliation, non-violence and harmonious "coexistence" in schools. Fancy, K. Futures Without Violence Hinduja, S. Limber, S. Messner, L. Milofsky, A. Overcoming Obstacles - Life Skills Program Community for Education Foundation, Inc.

Plante, E. Facilitator's Guide: Bringing in the bystander. A prevention workshop for establishing a community of responsibility. This guide focuses primarily on engaging bystanders, the surrounding community, and preventing violence at the post-secondary level. Banyard unh. Promundo While not specifically geared towards the education sector, this toolkit provides hands on activities and exercises to help youth question norms that condone violence against women and girls and can be used in a classroom setting.

Child-Friendly Schools Manual. Chapter 5 is particularly relevant, as it analyzes threats to children's health, safety and security and discusses how to ensure schools provide a protective environment. Voices Against Violence. This curriculum is a global non-formal education curriculum to engage young people in efforts to prevent and end violence against girls and women. The co-educational curriculum is designed for various age groups ranging from 5 to 25 years and is available for download.

Anderson, L. Sexual assault education programs: a meta-analytic examination of their effectiveness. Psychology of Women Quarterly, 29 , — Brecklin, L. Violence and Victims, 16 3. Burgess-Proctor, A.

Cyberbullying and online harassment: Reconceptualizing the victimization of adolescent girls. Garcia and J. Clifford Eds. Foshee, V. American Journal of Public Health, 88 1 , Leach, F. An investigative study of the abuse of girls in African schools No. Wolfe, D. A school-based programs to prevent adolescent dating violence: a cluster randomized trial. Georgia, T. Luttrell, C. Gender and Social Protection. Schulte, J. Social Protection and Labor at the World Bank, — Aguero, J. Amin, S. Bhattacharyya, M. Blattman, C.

Innovations for Poverty Action Working Paper. Chopra, D. Council of Europe. Strasbourg: Council of Europe. Fawole, O. Gibson-Davis, C. Gminder, Claudia Ulrike. Heath, R. Hidrobo, M. J Health Econ, 32 1 , Unpaid care work.

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In this guide Hide menu. Toolkits: Programmes on gender norms and masculinities Show sections. Introduction and key concepts 2. Factors that influence norms around masculinities 3. Initiating changes in masculinities and related norms 4. Lessons learned from programmes 6. Measuring changes in norms of masculinity Toolkits: Programmes on gender norms and masculinities Case study: Men as key stakeholders in gender equity About the authors and acknowledgements. Toolkit 13 June Overall gender attitudes Manhood 2. It aims to engage young men aged 15 to 24 in reflection on harmful gender norms, particularly related to teen pregnancy prevention, dating violence and sexual assault, and the discrimination against and bullying of lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and queer LGBTQ individuals.

A regional curriculum for East and South-East Asia by Partners for Prevention provides a generic conceptual framework for understanding masculinities. It seeks to inspire users to become more effective activists and advocates for gender justice, helping them to critically analyse their contexts through a gender and human rights lens. The toolkit is based on 10 years of evidence and experience from the implementation of Program H M around the world, which has engaged youth in the promotion of gender equity, including respect for sexual diversity and gender and social justice.

  1. Work with men to end violence against women: a critical stocktake.
  2. Structured Summary;
  3. Engaging Men in Prevention and Care for HIV/AIDS in Africa.
  4. It aims to engage men and change unhealthy cultural practices, gender norms and behaviours. The manual can be used to design and conduct the programme for any organization. The Rus funk manual on the male engagement continuum provides lessons learned in applying this model to community- and campus-based initiatives. A MenEngage Global Alliance toolkit provides guidance on the steps and processes involved in setting up networks that work collectively to transform masculinities and engage men and boys in gender equality.

    Violence against women and girls A training guide from Rozan , a Pakistan-based NGO, is designed for use by facilitators and programme planners who seek to engage young men in issues around gender-based violence and masculinities. It comprises a session series that can be conducted with groups of men in community settings.