Guide Jesus and Empire: The Kingdom of God and the New World Disorder

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The Church and the Roman Empire

Log In Sign Up. Richard A. Sharon Mattila. Book Reviews Person intends to generate more dialogue among the competing redaction theories by emphasizing points of agreement, but his own approach oversim- plifies the complexity of the issues. Person does not seem to appreciate the subjectivity of some of his assumptions, and so he draws generalized conclu- sions too quickly.

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For example, he asserts that scholars can use text criticism to bring greater precision to the redaction critical process, but the primary examples he cites e. He selectively cites only those who interpret textual variants in ways that support his thesis of postexilic redactions to draw the general conclusion that Chroni- cles stems from LXX-Kings, which he says consistently antedates MT-Kings.

Person is using this evidence primarily to substantiate his thesis that Deuteronomic redaction should be centered in the postexilic period, and there might be evidence for this in certain instances; however, he implies that all Deuteronomic elements in Deuteronomic History can be attributed to two post- exilic redactions p. The evidence is not so certain. He situates the roots of Deuteronomism in scribal guilds, but he uses only two parallels in his cross-cultural comparisons.

There are similar oversimplifications when Person ties the goals of the Deuteronomists to historical situations. But what does this ultimately demonstrate about Deuteronomic redactions of those texts?

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Show- ing how a text might be applied to a situation does not prove it was written— or even redacted—then. Equally plausible preexilic scenarios could be proposed.

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  • For example, in the aftermath of the fall of the North, refugees from the North fled to Jerusalem. They might have challenged the dynastic claims of a Hezekiah or Josiah, and Deuteronomists could have written texts to refute such challenges then. He ultimately falls victim to what he is trying to overcome: the difficulties involved in distinguishing Deuteronomic authors- redactors from later writers who have been influenced by Deuteronomic thought.

    Finally, there are a few technical errors that severely diminish the quality of this work.

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    • Others include the confusion of N. The book of Revelation, written by the apostle John, contains one of the most pivotal passages in the Bible. Revelation Revelation And the great dragon was cast out, that old serpent, called the Devil, and Satan, which deceives the whole world: he was cast out into the earth, and his angels were cast out with him.

      Stop a moment and think about this one single verse. It tells us that the vast majority of the inhabitants of this world are out of step with God. Most people believe things that are simply not true. Many blame other human beings for their problems.

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      Nations tend to blame other nations. It was stated at the beginning of this article that the human race as a whole has no real comprehension of the spiritual forces arrayed against it. Zeitgeist is a German term, and Central Europe will be at the heart of one of the greatest deceptions ever to afflict humankind. Who is able to make war with him? Take a quick look at a magazine newsstand sometime.

      Most periodicals are either trashy or simply a waste of valuable time. You often search in vain for something worthwhile to read. This article has quoted a number of secular sources from books and newspapers. Wisdom from a deeply respected American founding father will tell us otherwise. After their presidential terms ended, John Adams and Thomas Jefferson carried on a lengthy correspondence until both died on the same day, July 4, , the 50th anniversary of the adoption of the Declaration of Independence by the Continental Congress.

      Further, he argues, since the Enlightenment they have cooperated in severing the religious from the political and economic, making of them realms that have little to do with one another, a separation that would not have been understood by or even conceivable to Jesus and his first followers.

      What Did Jesus Mean by the Kingdom of God

      For Crossan, empire and civilization are essentially equivalent. He more closely investigates the broad sweep of Christian history by a close reading of a number of representative Christian thinkers, from Paul to former Catholic priest and contemporary theologian Matthew Fox to, in one chapter, an event — the formulation of the Nicene Creed. Other figures included from across the centuries are Anselm of Canterbury, German theologian and philosopher Friedrich Schleiermacher, and Church of Sweden bishop Gustaf Aulen. In particular, Rieger seeks to identify in each theologian elements in their understanding of the nature of Jesus and his ministry that allowed for resistance to empire, whether it was the Roman Empire, Spanish colonialism, or the neocolonial era following World War II.

      Problem of the Kingdom of God - Appendix A

      Rieger has also edited, with Kwok Pui-lan and Don H. While the drawn-out war in Iraq and the waning of neoconservative influence in the lame-duck days of the Bush administration have muted the imperial rhetoric of American policy-makers and perhaps even wounded and damaged the military and economic forces the United States deploys in pursuing its imperial goals, there is as yet no sign the American empire is about to fall. Nor is it likely the November 4 election will significantly alter the current situation.

      David E.