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How can countries measure the well-being of their citizens?

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The frequency and intensity of extreme weather events in LDCs e. World Bank, Solar Lighting development potential is attributed to three factors: a significant improvement in the quality and performance of solar portable lights in the past five years; a decline in retail price; and product features that have been adapted to meet consumer needs.

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Environmental Certification and the Global Environment Facility. Such design should not just monitor the status and trends of environmental indicators, but also allow credible inferences on whether the program is contributing to changes in the status and trends of the indicators. World Bank, United Nations, The report by the United Nations and World Bank, stresses the need for prevention to reduce countries' vulnerability to natural hazards in order to enable their sustainable and cost-effective development.

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One area in which the report calls for more spending is early warning systems, particularly weather forecasting. The study notes that climate change negotiations are opening up new opportunities for greening African economy growth, such as the Clean Development Mechanism to provide emission reduction credits to private companies.

This study analyses the development implications of the agricultural provisions of the Economic Partnership Agreements between the European Union and 36 African, Caribbean and Pacific ACP countries by quantifying the immediate monetary costs for non-signatory ACP countries; quantifying the immediate monetary benefits for signatory countries and analyzing the options for increased supply; analyzing the agricultural liberalization commitments of each region; analyzing how the actionable and non-actionable provision of agreements affect ACP agricultural production, trade and development.

Asian Development Bank, The report finds that costs from major flooding events on infrastructure and the economy could run into the billions of dollars, with urban poor populations likely to be the hardest hit.

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It concludes that all three cities need to take targeted, city-specific and cutting edge approaches to meet these challenges. Catalogue of Biodiversity-Based Products. It incorporates high quality photography and offers possibilities for supporting marginalized communities in forming alliances with funders, retailers, researchers, governments and NGOs in order to improve their livelihoods and conserve biodiversity.

Compiling and summarizing two years of work carried out by over researchers, the TEEB synthesis report calls for wider recognition of nature's contribution to human livelihoods, health, security, and culture by decision makers. It documents the multi-trillion dollar annual contribution of the natural world to the global economy, and formulates recommendations for policies and mechanisms that can help better account for, and protect, this contribution.

UNDP, The exercise also sought to develop an understanding of the key drivers of, and barriers to, sustained environmental protection and conservation, with particular reference to meeting and sustaining objectives codified within the Rio Conventions. Environmental Goods and Services Negotiations at the WTO: Lessons from multilateral environmental agreements and ecolabels for breaking the impasse.

IISD, WIPO Lex. WIPO, September This Lex database, developed by the World Intellectual Property Organization, provides a one-stop search facility for national laws and treaties relating to intellectual property. It features information to facilitate the analysis and interpretation of laws and treaties, and provides access to reference material on the global Intellectual Property System.

This paper is published as part of the series Untold Billions: Fossil-fuel subsidies, their impacts and the path to reform. This study helps increase the body of knowledge about the data sources that hold information on subsidies to fossil-fuel producers, by reviewing available data in a series of countries, diverse in terms of their level of data transparency, governance systems, energy markets and stages of economic development. Using a detailed matrix setting out the main subsidy policies, the type of fuel, and their main data sources, pilot studies have been completed for China, Germany, Indonesia and the United States.

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It was found that fossil-fuel producers are supported by a multitude of policies, ranging from direct payments to preferential access to government-owned lands. While direct payments were relatively easy to identify in government budget reporting, data was not always provided at a sufficient level of disaggregation to allow proper attribution to beneficiaries. Pilot studies also found that information on these support measures was held by a variety of government ministries and non-governmental organizations.

IFC, September While much of this report underlines the benefit and importance of private sector engagement in the battle against climate change, it also highlights that corporate climate change is perceived by the private sector as irrelevant or at best an extension of their Corporate Social Responsibility CSR , and proposes measures to change this perception.

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WTO, September This report, by the World Trade Organization, examines the characteristics of trade in natural resources, the policy choices available to governments, the effects of international trade on the sustainability of natural resources, the environmental impact of resources trade, the so-called natural resources curse, resource price volatility, and the role of international cooperation, particularly of the WTO, in the proper management of trade in this sector. More than half of those subsidies finance the modernization and rehabilitation of water distribution infrastructures in irrigated districts to allow for water savings.

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The study also found the Spanish Government should consider establishing legislation requiring water authorities to publicly provide information on water costs, revenues and subsidies in a more organized and usable manner. This would include establishing the minimum level of information to be provided, the adequate level of disaggregation, the methodology used to develop it, and the formats in which information would be presented.

It also highlights the need to develop sound replicable methods for measuring and quantifying subsidies. Climate-related Single-use Environmental Goods. ICTSD, This paper by Rene Vossenaar analyzes the identification of single-use environmental goods linked with climate-related technologies, looking at their trade flows, tariffs and non-tariff barriers. Its purpose is to clarify some of the environmental, trade and developmental implications of the WTO negotiations on environmental goods and services, in particular for developing countries.

ADB, September These priorities will be pursued through the following three modalities: mobilizing innovative financing; generating and disseminating knowledge; and fostering partnerships. World Bank, August This resource was prepared to support countries in assessing their vulnerabilities and adaptation options in the energy sector. Lights Out? This Synthesis Report highlights that eliminating poverty is central to both development and adaptation, since poverty exacerbates vulnerability to weather variability as well as climate change.

UNEP, July Released by The Economics of Ecosystems and Biodiversity TEEB research consortium at the first Global Business of Biodiversity Symposium, held on 13 July , in London, UK, this third TEEB report highlights the business case for biodiversity and ecosystem services by illustrating the importance and immense value of natural services provided to, and affected by, a wide range of industries.

The report contains chapters on: business, biodiversity and ecosystem services; business impacts and dependence on biodiversity and ecosystem services; measuring and reporting biodiversity and ecosystem impacts and dependence; scaling down biodiversity and ecosystem risks to business; increasing biodiversity business opportunities; business, biodiversity and sustainable development; and biodiversity and business growth.

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World Economic and Social Survey The report indicates that many of the global crises in recent years — such as the food, fuel and financial crises — are to a large extent due to major systemic failures in the global economy and weaknesses in the mechanisms for global governance. The report suggests that a sustainable rebalancing of the global economy requires closer coordination across the trading system, the new regime for international financial regulation, the global reserve system and the mechanisms for mobilizing and channeling development finance and climate funding.

The report recommends that the international community consider establishing a global economic coordination mechanism that goes well beyond the Group of 20 G The report. It also explores ways to track additionality in official development assistance ODA flows. The briefs. The portal. IFAD,