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Given the current political turmoil, negotiations and deals are very much to the fore on the big stage of transnational agreements. While most of us are very unlikely to be involved in this scale or complexity, in reality most of us are involved in negotiation in everyday life and professional life.

What time to meet up, transport arrangements, how ma ny people should be involved in a project , what reward should be given, budge t limits, who is going to cook a meal, what film to watch etc. Additionally, there are a wide range of factors which all play their part in influencing negotiated outcomes.

Personality, environment, time pressure, confidence, past experience, job security, alternative options available, motivation — the list goes on and on. Simply put, the earlier you become equipped, the sooner you will be able to use your negotiation skills for your own benefit, and on behalf of others to get more of the outcomes which you believe are important. A successful negotiation arrives at an outcome where both parties benefit, the so-called win-win.

Negotiation Skills Training

It creates tension, even conflict. It creates an impossible situation that may not be overcome.

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Understand what they need. Present information that demonstrates to them how you can give them what they need. If you do, everybody wins. If not, the other side walks away from the negotiation not feeling like they got what they wanted. Everybody needs to win.

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Negotiation is not a battle. Everybody has to win in some way or other for the negotiation to be a success — and for doing business together to be a success.

They lose patience in getting to the end game, so to speak. For example, sometimes people walk into the negotiation and immediately lay down demands. Such as: This is what it is going to cost.

Importance of Negotiation in Daily Life

Or: This is what I want you to do. Be patient. He will feel happy after all he needs to sell his products and even he looks forward to a loyal customer.

The Harvard Principles of Negotiation

It is better if both the parties negotiate with each other and come to a price which would satisfy both of them. The customer as well as the store owner. The customer would afford to buy his product at a reasonable price and the store owner would also manage to earn his profits.

The Importance of Negotiation - Shapiro Negotiations Institute

Ask for discounts when you go out for shopping. Negotiation reduces conflicts and improves the relation among individuals. We are human beings and unlike animals we live in societies and need people around. It is okay if your next door neighbour has parked his car in front of your house. You might even need him some day.

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Try to understand the other person as well. An individual must learn the skills to an effective negotiation to lead a happy and a peaceful life. Life is short and one must enjoy each and every moment of it. Why to unnecessarily fight with each other and complicate issues? Negotiation is essential for better bonding among individuals, lesser conflicts and a happy life.